Craft The Perfect Redwood Deck

So, you have thought of your backyard as an opportunity to improve your home. Whether you are selling your home or keeping it for a while building a deck is a smart investment, if you do it right. After you’ve searched for ideas looking at magazines in the home and garden section of the local book store, here are some helpful tips prior to setting the first deck post in the ground.

Deck building tip 1: Use Redwood lumber
This type of wood will last you much longer and will require less work down the road. It will be a bit more expensive but the savings over having to replace your entire deck in a few years will make huge sense. It is safer than it was in the past when they used chemicals to treat the wood and you’ll be glad after all of the work is done.
Deck building tip 2: Use the correct fasteners
Did you know that some metals used in screws and nails can adversely affect the wood of your new deck? Use stainless steel over galvanized for your wooden deck. While at the hardware store ask around and make sure you are selecting the right materials.
Deck building tip 3: Be accurate in your measurements
This is not a skateboard ramp. This is an adult project that should not be rushed or you will run into timely and expensive issues. Making sure your measurements are accurate will ensure proper fit as you add the last few boards. The last thing you want is your family BBQ crashing the party.
Deck Building Tip 4: Simple deck design means quick building
Select the areas for your deck that are clear of too many obstacles. If you have a large tree the deck surrounding it can look great. But the additional work can be more of a task than you’d like to try at first. This might be the time to call your local deck builder.
Deck Building Tip 5: Don’t go at it alone
Deck building is hard work. You might be strong and able but having an extra set of hands to align boards, hold posts while cement is being poured, etc. can prove invaluable. Plus double the hands could mean twice as fast, right? Have as many tools as people so no one is just standing around waiting for that one power drill or measuring tape.
Deck Building Tip 6: Deck building permits and codes
Most cities require building permits on almost anything. Especially when they are of high cost or as large of a project such as decks, gazebo, or even building a fence. This is easy to check online or you’ll be able to call the city inspection office for guidance. They can tell you about fasteners, wood, requirements if you need rails (in case your deck is more than XX inches off of the ground).
Deck Building Tip 7: Lay boards to curve down
Even treated wood can still curve a little. Even a small amount might be enough for them to retain and pool water. Heat can even make boards warp too. So make sure your deck wood is set to curve downward by looking at the rings. The open part of the “C” shape should face downward to assist in this matter.
Deck Building Tip 8: Wooden Deck Protection
Take the extra time to protect your newly installed deck. You don’t have to paint it. There are plenty of water proof and treatment sealers to select from at the store. Just make sure they are water repellent.