Eastern show

I was at an industry show over the last two weeks, held on the East coast in beautiful, downtown, Boston.( missed the massive snow storm by a day!) One of our newer dealers, Feldman Wood Products of Garden City Park, New York, had invited our attendance.  I was distinctly reminded how lucky and unique we are in the Redwood business! Redwood Empire was the only Redwood sawmill represented at the show. This is not unusual, in itself, as each of the Redwood mills is represented at one show or another. Sometimes more than one but at least one of the mills. The interesting thing is that this was the first time Redwood had been at this show, in the Eastern United States, for several years. That is a great sign! Each of the Redwood mills is doing it’s part to bring Redwood back to the forefront of the decking business. We are all joined in a concerted effort to make it known that Redwood is still very prevalent and will be around for generations to come. Because of excellent forest stewardship, Redwood is thriving and making a strong comeback on the national stage.