The Effects of Green Building Practices on Labor Productivity

The good news is that for a labor-intensive contractor, the effects of green construction processes on labor productivity can be mitigated and managed, with proper planning and training.

It would be next to impossible to be in the construction industry in 2009 and not to have heard of green building. “Green” is the buzzword that permeates all facets of the industry, including owners, architects, builders, building products manufacturers, tenants and even consultants. Everyone, it seems, wants a green label. Research argues that utilizing green practices in the construction industry can reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions, water use and the usage of natural resources, all while increasing the productivity of the building tenants.

With increasing demand on natural resources and ever-mounting pollution concerns, green building practices should saturate all aspects of the construction industry. As part of President Barack Obama’s energy and environment plan, 5 million new green jobs will be created with his pledge of $150 billion dollars to transition the United States to a clean-energy economy.