Enjoy the Natural Majestic Beauty of Using Redwood Lumber

When choosing a wood for construction, we at Redwood Empire like to point out that no other wood has the sheer beauty that Redwood Possesses. You can see it in a newly finished deck to a fully done house, Redwood In plain English is gorgeous to look at.

Not only does redwood look great, Compared to composite woods it is durable, sustainable and long lasting. Choosing it as your building material will guarantee a long lasting Finished project for years to come. Redwood has long been the building material of choice for interior accents because it’s one-of-a-kind look, and for outdoor living projects for its legendary durability. Redwood has the ability to maintain its structural integrity while standing up to the elements.
We like to warn our customers about using plastic and composite materials since they do not break down and are not recyclable. Make the environmentally conscious decision by choosing redwood lumber.