Enjoy The Summer Months With A Deck To Showcase

Summer living is about enjoying the good weather with people you care about, perhaps a beer or a glass of wine with friends and family. It is also the perfect time to unveil your deck as the centerpiece of your backyard.  

A deck is a beautiful extension of your home that everyone can enjoy. When building a summer deck, it’s important to make sure to plan everything in advance. This will ensure a safe, affordable and efficient deck installation.
“The biggest benefit of using a natural wood, such as Redwood, Is the low maintenance and sustainability.” according to Steve Burdick of Redwood Empire. “Composites will cost more money over time, not to mention the deck will not look as nice.”
First and foremost you should focus on your foundation. Decks that are located above loose soil or sand may shift over time. This can result in structural damage to a deck. To avoid this, it’s usually a good idea to install concrete blocks beneath a deck. This can ensure the deck has a good structural foundation.
It’s important to have these text plans before beginning any deck project. This will help one plan for the amount of lumber, screws, nails, cement and paint one needs to finish the job. In addition, this can be a good way to determine what will look good at one’s home. Some larger hardware store provides special 3-D modeling services so home owners can see how a deck plan will look when it is finished. By superimposing your deck onto on image of one’s home, it’s possible to see a rough sketch of the finished result. It’s also possible to order a custom deck design from an architect. When building a deck that wraps around one’s home, this can be a good way to ensure that a deck is a perfect fit.
Nothing compliments a backyard better aesthetically then a well-done deck. Enjoy the summer months, relax and remember to choose a natural wood.
By Redwood Empire