Growing Up Redwood in Rhode Island

“You could say that my house as a child was one of the more memorable abodes that you will find in the state of Rhode Island. Why you may ask? Because our house was built from the ground up by my father using Redwood. Not only was the house the most breath taking in the entire neighborhood, it has stood the test of time with a minimal amount of improvements in the almost 52 years since the house was first built. Reflecting on the past, it was only natural that I moved to Northern California, the Redwood capital, after having such a profound love for my childhood home.”

“I was always proud that my father choose to build such a uniquely beautiful home that was unlike anything else I had seen on the east coast. Unfortunately my father passed away and my mother was forced to sell her dream home for something smaller. Every few years I like to visit the property with my son to cherish the memories and the natural elegance. That house will always hold a very special place in my heart.”

Testimonial by Bob Heyman