How about Redwood?

As composites are readjusting formulas to take care of the many failures in decking products, and Cedar imported from Canada has gone through the roof in price, it is time to rethink good old fashioned California Redwood Decking! The stock is more plentiful than in recent past years and the price compares extremely favorably to other decking alternatives. Natural wood decking will act , well, like natural wood decking!! It will not decompose, stain for good, bow under heat and stay that way, become so hot it is unbearable to walk on, mold to the core, or any of the bad alternatives that composite deck will do. What it will do is give you many decades of wonderful outdoor living! With a minimum of care , natural wood will remain naturally elegant for years to come. The warmth and beauty of natural Redwood will draw all of us in so that our personal deck will bring us closer to nature!