Redwood Empire Company Promotes the Green Benefits of Natural Woods

The Redwood Empire Company is proud to promote the ecological benefits of natural woods versus synthetics. Natural woods such as Redwood are completely sustainable, meaning that they are the premier eco-friendly choice to build with and are essential for the future of our environment.

Redwood is harvested from sustainably managed California forests, a renewable resource protected by some of the toughest environmental laws in the world. When discussing lumber we like to point out that Redwood is strong, durable, beautiful and completely renewable. With no chemical additives to worry about, Redwood and natural wood is entirely recyclable and biodegradable compared to composite materials.
Our customers often praise redwood’s legendary resistance to insects and decay resulting in a long lasting lumber that is ideally suitable for almost any climate. Redwood is a product of solar energy – meaning that the energy to produce is completely natural coming from sunlight. Studies show that redwood products actually store more carbon than is used to manufacture them; so using redwood reduces carbon emissions.
Choosing a natural wood can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change. The carbon is stored safely in wood fibers, and oxygen is released back to the air through photosynthesis. 
Protect the environment by making the green choice and choosing a natural wood for your next project.