Redwood Empire DIY Deck Plan

A deck is a popular home improvement that not only adds to the value of your home, but provides a focal point for enjoying the outdoors. This will be the spot of many BBQ’s, parties, and other social activties. The uses for a deck are as numerous as the types of decks one can build.

Keeping that in mind, you’ll want to carefully consider the design elements that go into your deck. Planning is the most important part of building a deck, because, chances are, you’ll be living with your design for a long time.
The size and orientation of your property and house may limit you to one or two deck locations, but within those limits, you may have more choices than you think. You may be able to add a door, build a walkway, or incorporate a privacy screen that will allow you to locate your deck so it is most convenient for your intended uses.
The climate in your area and the views you’ll see are the major factors to consider when deciding where to place your deck. A north-side deck will probably be the coolest location. Southern or western orientations may be too warm in the middle of the summer, unless you include an overhead screen, or build the deck around an existing shade tree.
You may be able to avoid prevailing winds by locating your deck where the house will provide some protection. Likewise, careful placement can minimize traffic noise, eliminate unwanted views, or provide additional privacy. If you plan to include a hot tub or swimming pool in your plans, privacy considerations for you and your guests may be very important.