Redwood Jewelry - Curly Redwood & Myrtlewood Jewelry Box

Curly Redwood & Myrtlewood Jewelry Box

The hand shaped curly redwood top blends smoothly into a natural edge that adds interest. 

The knotty Alder base box with spiky Myrtlewood veneer complements the thick curly Redwood top. 

The figures and patterns of the redwood change as the light moves. 

The open interior showcases the contents against a dark blue velvet bottom. 

Outside dimensions: 11”W x 6”D x 3 1/2”Tall 
(inside 2”x 9.75”)

One-of-a-kind hand made, shaped and finished.
Reclaimed wood and sustainably sourced veneer.
Heirloom quality

Dimensions: Approximately
11” long X 6” wide X 3” Tall
(Int. 2” x 9.75”)
Dark Blue velvet bottom
Curly Redwood natural edge top (reclaimed firewood)
Myrtlewood veneer (Sustainably sourced)
Alder base box 3/4” thick (reclaimed wood)