Redwood Lumber Is Becoming Increasingly Popular Nationally

At Redwood Empire we have increasingly seen architects use architect grade redwood lumber for their projects because of its unprecedented beauty and durability.  From Con/Com To clear heart, the large family of redwood grades truly provides something for everyone. It has always been, and will always be, a source of pride to say, “I have a beautiful, natural, redwood structure.”
We provide all of our lumber in both green form and dry form for our consumers. Redwood is one of the most preferred wood types for building houses. It may be soft timber but it is one of the most resistant to mold and mildew. 
Architects and interior designers prefer red wood because of its sophistication. It never goes out of style and it is truly timeless. When you choose redwood for your project you have peace of mind knowing that your project will last the test of time. Would substitutes, such as composite lumbers, cannot copy the quality and longevity of a natural wood such as redwood.
Not only is redwood superior visually but also is also superior Environmentally. We always recommend and encourage people to build their houses with materials that use less energy and are completely recyclable. Redwood is biodegradable and can be reused the owner decides to take the house down or use it for another purpose.
For these reasons we are seeing a redwood renaissance nationally from coast-to-coast. Architects are Increasingly deciding to use redwood for their projects and results are truly breathtaking.