Redwood Maintenance Tips


Redwood Maintenance Tips

One can choose from a number of different protective polishes that they can use for the upkeep of theirredwood deck. Protective finishes not only add beauty to one’s deck but also protect it from various elements.Varnish is one option, but experts advise against it since it is considered to be very difficult to maintain.

Paint is another alternative, but it eventually chips and wears off, therefore requiring more frequent re-application.  

Semitransparent sealers are an ideal choice because they provide the highest protection, better colorretention and a longer life along while showing off the grain and texture of the wood.

Oil based finishes likesemitransparent sealers are ideal for outdoor decking use and should be applied at least once a year.

It is recommended that in the springtime, when pollen spores are flying around and sticky residue poses a threat (as it is considered as food for mildew), one should give their redwood deck a good scrub. One must usea wide-headed utility broom or a paint roller, pour soapy water onto the surface of the deck and scrub back andforth, after which one should clean the deck thoroughly and allow the wood to dry.

One should also clean and clear the deck of any leaves and surface dirt, paying special attention to the dirt that may have gathered between boards.

After thoroughly cleaning the redwood deck, it is recommended to use agood synthetic sealer with a water repellent along with mildewcide and algaecide to protect the redwood deckfrom moisture and decay.

Lastly, it is important for one to remember not to use these products in direct sunlight because the polish islikely to dry very quickly and wont be completely absorbed by the wood.

With the help of a water test every few months, one can make sure that the protective polish is repelling water.

Content courtesy of Vinnie Guerra at Redwood Decks