Redwood Sculpture: "Converging Plateaus" by Daryl Stokes


Converging Plateaus


Dynamic redwood sculpture which depicts a series of abstract fragmented earthly plateaus with bold facets. The virtual plateaus wrap sharply around a sculptured central monolithic form which gives the impression that the plateaus are moving towards each other. This modern redwood burl sculpture emanates strength with dramatic contrasts between the shear sided geometric designs and the flowing organic natural burl areas. At the same time there are some graceful transitional areas from the hard flat surfaces to the softer natural edges. As the viewer walks around the sculpture, it becomes apparent that the personality of sculpture changes remarkably, revealing new characteristics with each viewing angle. This abstract sculpture has been composed with individual redwood burls which have been carved with chain saws, shaped with grinders and hand crafted to further enhance the forms. Each sculpture is totally unique and cannot be duplicated. All of the natural redwood used to create these sculptures has been salvaged from fallen trees which have been victimized from winter storms, landslides or forest fires, therefor no living trees have been utilized. All sculptures are signed and numbered by Daryl Stokes and include color brochure with an artist certificate of authenticity. Shipping Costs Will Be Determined by Sculpture Sizes and Destinations. Ground Delivery Available Only. Dimensions: Redwood Abstract Sculpture Approx. 55”H x 33”W x 25”D