Redwood Sculpture Showcase - Don Reagan - Part 2


Don Reagan’s redwood burl wall sculpture - Part 2


As fellow lovers of wood, we began to imagine what he could do with some of the large slabs of redwood & buckeye burl that I had access to. What ensued were some of the most incredible & very large turned wall sculptures that, along with his intricate “treepots”, became his signature pieces.  He & Bettye started getting accepted into some of the most prestigious art festivals throughout the U S, selling these magnificent pieces & winning some very nice awards.


Although  no longer participating in the art shows, he will on occasion turn a piece when he has a special request. This redwood burl wall sculpture is one he recently created for a previous customer. I ordered the wood for him & from there he did his magic. I’ve always wanted to chronicle the process so these are some of the images from start to finish.  When the slab arrived at my store, it weighed 235# & was 3 1/4″ thick. When it was complete it weighed 57#, was 3/4″ thick & measured 62″ x 54″.  On one of my trips to Miami I was able to deliver it to his customer who took it back to his home in Naples.