Stay Away From Composite Wood, It's Bad For The Environment

One of the cardinal rules of green living is to invest in quality items that don’t need to be replaced very often, that is why we champion using Redwood for your project. It isn’t just about beauty, although Redwood is known to the top choice in this regard, it’s about sutainability. 
There are two ways to do any building project: you can do it the right way or the wrong way. But you can also do it the eco-friendly way. Go green when you build your new project and you’ll not only help to save the planet, you’ll also help yourself save a few bucks too. you don’t have to use space age materials to go green on your deck. Wood is the greenest and most sustainable product there is; if it’s done right. 
When purchasing any wood for your deck, check for sustainable lumber labels such as Redwood Empire which are following Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council. These labels are proof that the wood you buy has been harvested from sustainable forests that are replanted and recut every 20-30 years. They also guarantee that no old growth trees are used and refrain from slash and dash harvesting methods that clear cut forests into instant wastelands.
Remember that composite woods, such as Trex, are made from plastic and nothing is worse for our environment than the continued wide scale use of plastic. Leave a green footprint that you can be proud of and show off to neighbors and friends for decades to come with a natural wood.