Tips On Perfecting Your Deck For Summer Relaxation


Installing a new deck may seem daunting at first, but with the proper tools and resources, you’ll not only save money on labor costs – but you’ll also take pride in knowing you successfully completed a home improvement project with your own two hands. As you create a list of essential materials for your project, think about incorporating a hidden fastener system – rather than traditional nails or screws. Hidden fasteners can make the installation of decking boards easier and faster and create a more professional look. Your deck’s surface will be smooth, seamless and more comfortable underfoot.
If your budget doesn’t allow for a complete deck rebuild this year, you can resurface an old wooden deck that’s starting to wear, warp and rot with new higher-performance materials. Simply remove the existing boards and check that the sub-structure remains sturdy before installing wood-alternative decking. Giving your wood deck a facelift with durable, beautiful composite materials will increase curb appeal, lengthen its lifespan and cut down on maintenance requirements for years to come.
Even if you’re already the proud owner of a gorgeous outdoor living space, take style and comfort to the next level with weekend warrior-worthy projects. Add new modular railing in contrasting or complementary colors to create a perfect frame for your deck, or establish cozy conversation nooks with weather-resistant furniture. Construct an elegant pergola to lend shade from the harsh summer sun and install energy-efficient deck lighting to create ambiance for twilight cocktail parties.