About Redwood Empire

An American Story….

“The Redwood Empire”, the majestic phrase coined during The Great Railroad Era of The Early 1800’s to describe one of the most beautiful areas on the planet.

This name was adopted to keep that majesty alive in bringing the beauty of Redwood to all. The story of The Redwood Empire Company is truly An American Story. Founded in 1971 as a small Redwood remanufacturing facility, Redwood Empire has not only grown to be a force in the California Redwood industry, but has become synonymous with the term “quality”. Over 40 years later, The Redwood Empire Company is still owned and operated by the founding family.

Our brand description, “Natural Outdoor Elegance,” alludes to the fact that we pride ourselves in helping people turn a mundane, outdoor space, into a truly elegant extension of the home. The warm rich tones of Redwood lumber allow one to sit on a newly created deck, or under a beautiful, new, Redwood Pergola, and drift off into Redwood country, dreaming of wild rivers, beautiful forests, and a wonderful majestic land that has now become a part of their home.

We are extremely conscious of our quality control, from the trees we select, to the finished lumber produced. To that end we attempt to use trees selectively harvested from forests existing only in the southern portion of the Redwood growing region. This is a very important distinction, as the trees in the southern Redwood region (Mendocino County, Sonoma County, Marin County, and Santa Cruz County) grow at a slower pace. This allows the trees to naturally develop a much desired, tighter, growth ring pattern. This slower growing schedule allows the trees to mature with the strength, warm tones, and uniquely durable properties long associated with Redwood lumber.

As you spend the next several minutes enjoying our website, we invite you to join the Redwood Empire family. Learning to love and enjoy the Redwood experience as we do, making the truly natural elegance of the Redwoods a part of your life.