These are glossary terms from Redwood Empire

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Bark search for term

The outer coating of a Redwood Tree

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Cambium layer search for term

The inner most layer of bark which is one cell thick. All new cells are created in the Cambium layer.

Construction Heart search for term

A grade of Redwood well suited for outdoor use. this grade contains Knots.

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Heartwood search for term

The inner most make up of the tree contained only tightly packed, dead, cells. The Heartwood is all Red.

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Joist search for term

Joists are the cross-members under a deck that the decking material is nailed or screwed to.

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Messmer's search for term

Messmer’s is the maker of recommended fine Redwood Stains and excellent Redwood deck cleaner!

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Oxalic Acid search for term

Oxalic Acid is a mild Acid used for removing the balck tannin stains from Redwood and other specied of lumber containing Tannic Acid

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Phloem search for term

A thin inner layer of the Bark that carries food downward to the roots.

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Redwood search for term
Redwood is a tree, Sequoia sempervirens,  of California, noted for its great height, sometimes reaching to more than 350 feet. Redwood is also the state tree of California.

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Sapwood search for term

The layer of the Tree which contains all white wood. This layer, which is the outer surrounding layer of the heart of the tree, carries the food upward from the roots to the branches

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Tannic Acid search for term

The yellowish substance created in the Redwood tree which is responsible for the anti insect characteristic which Redwood is known for. The black marks seen on Redwood are a result of Tannic acid reacting with a foreign substance, usually metal.

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