Eco Benefits of Redwood

Redwood – The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Redwood is strong, durable and beautiful … and one of the ‘greenest’ building materials available. Redwood is harvested from sustainably-managed California forests, a renewable resource protected by some of the toughest environmental laws in the world. Redwood is entirely recyclable and biodegradable, and because redwood’s legendary resistance to insects and decay is completely natural, there are no chemical additives to worry about.

Choosing redwood can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change. As trees grow, they remove the greenhouse-gas carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis. The carbon is stored safely in wood fibers, and oxygen is released back to the air.

Most efforts to address climate change focus on reducing greenhouse emissions and using clean energy instead of fossil fuels. Choosing redwood accomplishes both goals. Studies show that redwood products actually store more carbon than is used to manufacture them, so using redwood reduces carbon emissions. Plus, redwood is a product of solar energy – the energy to grow redwood comes directly from the sun, pure and simple.

When you build with redwood, you get a carbon footprint you can stand on.