Natural Durability of Redwood

Proven Performance, Naturally!

Redwood’s beauty and strength both come from the natural qualities inherent in the wood. Redwood has long been the building material of choice for interior accents because of it’s one-of-a-kind look, and for outdoor living project for its legendary durability. Even without a protective finish, redwood can stand up to the elements for decades and maintain its structural integrity.

Redwood’s durability is entirely natural. The same tannins and unique cell structure that gives redwood its warm tones and exemplary strength make it naturally resistant to insects, decay, water and even fire. Redwood has proven its durability in outdoor living projects time and time again for more than a century.

Natural durability means the strength and resistance to run deep through every board. And because there are no chemical additives, redwood remains entirely recyclable and biodegradable, a renewable resource and environmentally responsible choice for projects inside and out.