Treated Lumber

Redwood Empire carries a wide selection of treated lumber. During the pressure-treatment process, the lumber is put in a cylinder that is filled with a liquid preservative. The cylinder is locked, and the pressure is raised inside the cylinder, forcing the preservative into the wood. The result is a stronger, more disease or rot-resistant piece of lumber for your project.

Pressure Treated (PT)

When working with Pressure-treated lumber, always use gloves and clean up the sawdust and debris when finished. Do not use pressure-treated lumber in areas that will come in contact with food preparation or for the storage of food.


Wolman® E preservative (CA) is a preservative that contains copper and azole. The fact that it is arsenic-free makes it easier on the environment. It provides against decay and termites. This lumber is great for patio, walkways, and decks. Lumber is available in green or brown color.


Processed for use above the ground. Tests have shown that when using this lumber, the flame spread is slower, and smoke development is less dense. The structure also retains its strength longer during a fire. It also has some resistance to decay and termites when used above ground.