Using Redwood is an environmentally smart decision. It is a popular building material due to its beauty and long-lasting performance. Redwood has dimensional stability and natural durability. Redwood is recognized for its fire resistance; in fact, redwood-clad structures are credited with limiting the extent of the great fires following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

We stock a wide variety of Redwood garden and architectural grades. We offer Redwood in Rough or Surfaced finish,  and both Green and Air Seasoned on most items.

Most Common Grades available are  Con Common,  B Grade, Clear, Con Heart, Select Heart, Heart B, Clear All Heart. See detailed information about grades.

Sizes available: 2x2 thru 2x12, 4x4 thru 4x12, 6x6, with larger timbers available on request.



Decks made of Redwood keep their appearance longer than other woods because the tannic acid in Redwood gives the lumber naturally insect and fugal resistant properties. The deck boards nail down flat and stay in place, resisting warping, cupping, splitting, and checking since Redwood contains little pitch. There is a grade of Redwood suitable for every part of the deck.

Clear All Heart Redwood

Our top of the line decking is Clear All Heart Redwood (CAH) (with heart clear developing). It is the highest quality Redwood available, with a beautiful pinkish-red hue and excellent durability. Redwood Heartwood can render 30+ years of durability. The lumber is termite and insect resistant. Clear All Heart grade boasts a Class B – low flame spread rating. CAH decking is now available in both green and air seasoned.

CAH decking is milled with a smooth surface on all four sides and eased edges. The strength and dimensional stability of Redwood is verified by the fact that 2x6 can be spaced 24 inches on center in most residential decking applications. This joist span translates to substantial cost savings in both time and money. Much less substructure lumber is needed.

CAH has a pinkish-red color. A protective finish with UV inhibitors is applied to maintain this color. Redwood left unfinished will turn a silver-gray color. Many people prefer natural colors. Finishing Redwood will neither prolong nor diminish the life of the deck.

Sequoia Premium is available in sizes: 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x12, 4x4

Redwood for decking is an environmentally sound choice. New young Redwood forests are growing at a phenomenal rate, with nearly 400,000 acres preserved in public parks and reserves. There is more Redwood available today for commercial harvest than there was 50 years ago. Redwood is harvested from both public, and private land zoned for timber production.

Redwood Empire has a strong commitment to the environment. We practice responsible harvesting on our land. Our milling practices are state of the art.

Our forestry practices continue to achieve sustained yield due to our carefully managed timberlands.

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Dog-eared and square top Redwood and Cedar fencing are available in 1x3 thru 1x12 (4, 5, 6, and 8-foot lengths).

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