February 2013

Craft The Perfect Redwood Deck

So, you have thought of your backyard as an opportunity to improve your home. Whether you are selling your home or keeping it for a while building a deck is a smart investment, if you do it right. After you’ve searched for ideas looking at magazines in the home and garden section of the local book store, here are some helpful tips prior to setting the first deck post in the ground.

How to Maintain Your Redwood Deck

One can choose from a number of different protective polishes that they can use for the upkeep of their redwood deck. Protective finishes not only add beauty to one’s deck but also protect it from various elements. Varnish is one option, but experts advise against it since it is considered to be very difficult to maintain. Paints are another alternative, but it eventually chips and wears off, therefore requiring more frequent re-application.

Eastern show

I was at an industry show over the last two weeks, held on the East coast in beautiful, downtown, Boston.( missed the massive snow storm by a day!) One of our newer dealers, Feldman Wood Products of Garden City Park, New York, had invited our attendance.  I was distinctly reminded how lucky and unique we are in the Redwood business!