April 2013

Redwood Empire Tips on Maintaing Your Redwood Deck

One can choose from a number of different protective polishes that they can use for the upkeep of their redwood deck. Protective finishes not only add beauty to one’s deck but also protect it from various elements. Varnish is one option, but experts advise against it since it is considered to be very difficult to maintain. Paints are another alternative, but it eventually chips and wears off, therefore requiring more frequent re-application.

Redwood Empire Structural Grades of from Clear All Heart to Construction Common

Towering redwoods inspire awe, and old-growth redwood forests are almost mystical places. Redwoods aren’t just majestic trees, however. The lumber produced from the trees is attractive and weather resistant, and its advantages over other woods for outdoor building applications has given rise to a thriving redwood timber industry.

Construction on the Rise During Month of February

There is great news to report basd on the second straight month this year that the constrcution indusrtry is on the rise fueling a booming housing market. 

The value of public construction also rose in February from the prior month, offering hopeful signs that state and local government spending may be stabilizing even as federal budget cuts start to take hold.