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Corona Update

We, at Redwood Empire, wish you all the best during this dificult time. We are committed to keeping our retail distributors fully stocked so that you may continue with your backyard projects while quarantining.

Old Timers Barbecue

This is a shout out to all you old time lumbermen and women.  You know who you are! On August 8th 2015, we will have the next gathering of this esteemed group, known as the OLDTIMERS, at Smokey Ridge in Healdsburg. All old timers in the lumber business, Redwood or not, are invited to attend.

Redwood, THE environmental choice

With every deck, choices must be made. What maintenance will have to be done over time? What is the initial cost as well as the long term cost to the homeowner? How available is the product?  What is the long term effect of being exposed to a chemical, daily? and one and on it goes.

One question that has moved to the forefront of the thought process is ” Am I being environmentally concious? Is my ecological footprint as small is it can be while not sacrificing a beautiful deck?

Redwood in Minnesota

I have just returned from a trip to the Minnesota and Wisconsin regions. Redwood has taken hold, once again, and is making strong inroads into the decking market! Little Redwood was shipped to regions out of California for many years. There is an entire generation of consumers who are not familiar with the Redwood species.


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