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Redwood acceptance

In the last three days we have traveled in nine states promoting the use of Redwood and getting a temperature reading on Redwood acceptance. I am really happy to say that not only are our older, established, customers excited about the Redwood prospects, we have gained many customers who have been out of the Redwood market  for several years.

Eastern show

I was at an industry show over the last two weeks, held on the East coast in beautiful, downtown, Boston.( missed the massive snow storm by a day!) One of our newer dealers, Feldman Wood Products of Garden City Park, New York, had invited our attendance.  I was distinctly reminded how lucky and unique we are in the Redwood business!

Redwood decking momentum

We are excited to see an unprecedented pilgrammige back to Redwood for decking as well as other manufacturing uses around the country. We have had a very strong reception for our decking grades not only in California but nationally, with dealers from the past joining the Redwood Empire family once again.

Construction Common decking

We are seeing a large demand for Construction Common decking this year! Because of the high standards that we grade our Construction Common grade to, the value is rapidly becoming known in the marketplace.  We are seeing an unprecedented upsurge in demand for all grades of Redwood decking. The bloom may be off the rose for the composites.

Redwood Demand on the rise

As the year winds down, we, at Redwood Empire Sawmill, are extremely optimistic coming into the new year! We have seen a marked uptick in the demand for Redwood on a national basis. We would like to thank all of our customers who have supported us through the years and are looking forward to new relationships in the coming year!


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