Why Redwood?

Many times over the years, I’ve been asked the simple question ” Why Redwood?”  Although it IS a great decking material, with great natural properties, my answer invariably is much more subjective.  ” Why Redwood?” Because it takes me to a place where 300 foot tall trees fight for a piece of crystal blue sky. Because I can sit on my deck, look at the beauty and be reminded of the wild, Azure colored, rivers that meander through the groves. An occasional Steelhead trout flashing the telltale silver that identifies truly one of the great fish on the planet. It takes me to a place that 30 foot high fern forests block the passage of the most stalwart hiker. And it reminds me that I can still access these same Redwoods, any time I wish to take a trip to Northern Calif. Where the forests are as tall and prolific as they have been for as long as any of us can remember. “Why Redwood?” Because we come along this way one time and I , for one, want to experience the best that nature has to offer, knowing that I was never cheated by someone asking the question, ” Why didn’t you install a natural, environmentally friendly, deck?”